Thaimanee Craft Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 with an intention to accomplish world quality standard in injecting mold and injecting blow mold for plastic industry in accordance with customer’s requirements in a fast, reliable quality and efficient manner. With great intention in mind, the company has continuously developed their entire operation with the objectives of mold making industry in Thailand to be a leading part of plastic molding manufacturer to be able to increase the competitive capability in the global market.

The manufacturer of plastic injection molds, blow molds CNC, EDM and injection molding. With over 30 years of experience and advanced equipment, we are ready to produce quality work for our customers, Thaimanee Craft Thailand is expertise in the design and manufacture of plastic injection molding, which is diverse. And complicated by a team with expertise and compliance are the main occupations. To ensure the quality and length to meet the needs of customers. Molds are produced auto parts Air-conditioning parts Computer sanitary mask. Refrigerator parts, including products used in daily life as well.